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Complete Brand Overhaul and Market Launch for Green Room Kava/Empath

Ztech Alpha successfully rebranded a company by revamping their entire visual identity, starting with a fresh and modern logo design. We built a fully functional e-commerce website where they can seamlessly sell their products. From the ground up, we cultivated a thriving community around their brand, engaging potential customers and fostering brand loyalty.

To generate buzz and attract attention, we launched comprehensive guerrilla marketing campaigns, driving significant foot traffic to their grand opening event. We developed a robust platform for their entire product line, ensuring a cohesive and professional online presence. Additionally, we ran targeted paid advertising campaigns and crafted professional advertisements to showcase their products, resulting in increased visibility and sales.

Project Title: Comprehensive Rebranding and Growth Strategy for Online Coach

Ztech Alpha rebranded an online coach by transforming her brand identity and creating effective sales funnels. We ran comprehensive guerrilla marketing campaigns that significantly increased her social media following, subscriber rate, and overall engagement. Our strategic efforts resulted in heightened attention and interaction across all her social media platforms.

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